10 simple online course ideas to create and sell

With the advancement of technology, no longer is there this impossible barrier between you and the world when it comes to your business. Now, thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of things to make and sell online and make money out of it!

Are you an artsy person who wants to learn how to make a living doing what you love? Are you a creative who wants to work how they want, when they want? Are you broke and need a way to make some extra cash! Why not make and sell something online?!

And with Selz, selling is easy! You can choose from a number of themes to make your online store stand out from the rest without all the fuss! All you have to do is start creating!

10 Online Course Ideas to Create and Sell

1. Google Tag Manager

2. Image Optimization

3. College application prep

College applications are often for a specific field of study, so it may be a bit more complex to make than other courses, but there is high demand in many fields! This is a great idea if you are passionate about education and the rewards are there, especially when you use your sales skills!

4. Small business finance

This online course idea can be a great money-maker because finances are something many people think is too complex to handle on their own. You can help a new business save money they would have spent on a bookkeeper! If this works for you, think about creating a course in personal finance. It would make a great gift for any growing family.

5. WordPress themes

6. Pay per click advertising

7. Dairy-free cooking

8. Automotive maintenance

9. Sports coach training

10. Negotiation

These are just a handful of specific and simple online course ideas — there are SO MANY opportunities to make money! Follow your experience and share your stories! And if you haven’t sold online before reach out to us at Selz (Our experts are available 24/7). We’ll make selling online courses online easy so you can focus on expanding your business!

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