2018’s Top Selling Online Products

It’s a new year, and now is the prime time to either start your dream business, or take a good look at your existing store. How will you stay hip and current in 2018? Well, there are a lot of ways, but start by updating your inventory with new products. You may have already felt some demand from friends or existing customers- this is a great time to respond! Finding things that your customers are passionate about ensures that you’ll see repeat business. Read on for a collection of the top selling online products that are trending right now.

Don’t feel limited to these. Look at other popular products and consider complementary items that will trend upwards alongside them.

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1. Soaps, oils, tea, etc.

Health and beauty is a huge industry, and these always-trending products are a good way to approach a vast market. Start by making sure your products are organic and ethically. This will help you tap into a niche, but continue researching from there and make sure that your product is filling a gap in the market. Products with a coconut oil base have been (and will likely remain) popular going into 2018. Find something that you can easily make yourself, or at least brand and build around a lifestyle.

2. Healthy food on the go

In today’s busy world, healthy snacks for on-the-go living are a booming business. There are a lot of ways you can fill this niche. Consider making your own granola or protein bars, focusing on healthy sugars and minimal (or no) preservatives. Alternately, easy salad kits have a low investment up front- you can even make your own delicious dressings. Figure out how you will be distributing your product, then go nuts! For more guidance, check out our Founder’s Guide

3. Indoor garden supplies

Easy-to-manage indoor gardens are a hot item these days. From succulent plants to herb gardens, supplying customers with everything they need for a cute little indoor terrarium is a great focus or addition to a store. Get creative with artsy potting supplies like mason jars or metal wire hanging pots. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for the types of supplies you can stock, and then the perfect place to market your products.

4. Quality products that last

A “Buy It For Life” (BIFL) trend is happening right now for high-quality products. Instead of buying cheap products that can be rebought and replaced, many consumers are leaning towards more expensive, higher-quality items that will last them for a lifetime. Things like leather goods for travel are especially popular- think backpacks, bags and wallets. Supplying these “built to last” products also allows for you to develop a longer-term connection with customers through products they can trust.

5. Matcha, detox teas, etc.

Matcha has been gaining popularity in the online retail space for quite some time now, and organic teas and detox supplements are generally popular with conscious consumers. Healthy is hip. With an organic/natural product line that helps your customers achieve something (like weight loss or mental clarity) you’re definitely providing value in 2018.

6. Subscription products

Subscription boxes have been a hit recently, and these popular products are still on the rise. Selling apparel or beauty products allows you to keep putting out fresh inventory and clear out the old with these (typically) monthly subscriptions. Pick a niche that you are passionate about and find several products you could source in small batches. Then, start marketing a monthly box to subscribers that always rotates products. Services like ShipMonk can help you easily store and fulfill orders.

7. Beard Products

We’re currently living through a facial hair renaissance, and 2018 is a fantastic time to cash in. Companies like Dollar Shave Club have proven that delivering these kinds of products can be profitable- you just need to find your niche in the market. Consider making your own beard oil, selling razors and accessories, and building up an avalanche of quality content related to facial hair care.

8. Eco-friendly feminine products

The women have spoken- eco-friendly feminine products are in demand. With more access to information and the increasing need to do their own research to find answers to their feminine problems, girls are on the hunt for sustainable products. You may have heard the buzz around “Diva Cups,” it doesn’t stop there. Take a look into reusable and washable products that make that once a month visitor a little more manageable for women.

9. Sustainable, ethical clothes and cosmetics

Sustainability is a hot-button phrase right now, and many consumers are willing to pay a premium for the peace of mind that comes with shopping their conscience. You’ll need to figure out a source for your materials, and, if you’re not doing all of the work, labor. A social enterprise like this generally needs to clearly state the ways that it positively impacts the world, so be sure to highlight this on your website and throughout your communications. Check out this guide to starting an online clothing store for tons more information.

10. Wood apparel

This style is all the rage among young, earthy consumers. Along with the lean towards sustainably sourced and eco-friendly products comes the draw towards more natural fads. Encompassing everything from sunglasses/frames to wooden bow ties, there are plenty of cool items you can find being made from trees. These products are also fun to take photos with and market through social media. Cater to those adventurous spirits and throw a few wooden watches in your online store’s inventory.

11. Pet food & accessories

Who doesn’t catch themselves occasionally fawning over #dogsofinstagram and #catsofinstagram? Not to mention our obsession with our own pets. Pets are ALMOST as popular as babies, so jump on the wave in 2018 and unleash the hounds on your online store. Especially popular are products that can be customized for your customer’s “fur baby”. If there is a specific problem that pet owners face, focus on solving that problem with a unique product- i.e. pet travel accessories. This will make you stand out in the crowd and attract owners seeking out solutions to their pet peeves.

A lot of owners these days are also looking for high quality food for their beloved animals. Using natural ingredients and creating small batches that don’t require large amounts of preservatives is a good start, but think of other ways to make your product stand out.

12. Phone Accessories

Smartphones have been on the rise for several years now, and that momentum shows no signs of slowing. Because these products are always changing and evolving, there’s an endless need for the latest accessories. Cases, power banks, chargers, and other related products are all great items to sell in 2018. Think of ways that consumers can personalize their goods with your products, and style/brand them to match.

Bonus: Unicorn/mermaid themed

There is a craze sweeping the nation and it’s full of sparkles and magic. Everything from apparel to hair and makeup products is being themed around unicorns and mermaids. The trend may be inexplicable, but it’s definitely worth stocking some glittery mermaid tails or unicorn coffee cups. This is a broad theme, and there are endless types of items that could fall into this category, so start stocking up for 2018 and see what fabulous customers you find at the end of the rainbow.

The key to becoming and remaining successful is forward motion. Always evolve, always grow. Keep an eye out for new trends, and find ways to expand your brand without losing the character that defines it. Remember that your goal is to fill a niche. By defining the area you want to own and creating a range of complementary products, you can grow your business from a collection of items to a full lifestyle brand.

As the new year gets going, spend some time setting goals. Figure out what you need to do to get there, make a plan and start selling- we know you can do it. Check back for more help supercharging your growth process in 2018!

Originally published at founderu.selz.com on January 8, 2018.

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