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Picking the right ecommerce platform can be a significant challenge, especially if you don’t know quite where to start. But, when you break it down into three important questions, the process becomes a lot clearer and easier to navigate.

What are those questions? Simple: business goals, price range, and what…

With the advancement of technology, no longer is there this impossible barrier between you and the world when it comes to your business. Now, thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of things to make and sell online and make money out of it!

Are you an artsy person who…

When you’re running a small to mid-sized business, you likely don’t have a ton of extra money lying around to spend on ads and PPC. One of the best ways forward is to learn how to capitalize and optimize for organic search traffic.

Here, we’ll show you some of the…

If you want to get an edge as an online instructor, you’re looking for ways to increase your profit and to minimize the time it takes to complete your online courses.

That’s where free tools can come in. Many small businesses pick up free or low-cost tools the way Hansel and Gretel picked up pebbles. Like Hansel’s pebbles, free tools are easy to find and can help you get where you want to go.

At the same time, if you pick…

A collection of blue easter eggs for an article about ecommerce easter eggs from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

How can you intrigue customers and keep them coming back? This is the top concern for most startups and small businesses.

It’s challenging and expensive to constantly generate new products. If your product is long-lasting it may be months before your customers need your products again. Will they remember your…

A dog balances a donut on his head, something unexpected and unusual when you’re looking for marketing inspiration.

It’s not unusual to hit a wall in small business. It happens all the time. A simple problem that you think will take 30 minutes to fix takes a week, then a month. That one piece of information you need is inaccessible because of a recent software update. Deliveries are…

If you keep up with the news, you’ve heard about online revenue on the biggest shopping days of the year. Many businesses are actively moving or expanding online to grow the business.

Before digital commerce rose to dominance, it was easy to make comparisons between ecommerce platforms. …

How can I build my marketing? What problem does my business solve? What’s the profile of my ideal customer? How long will it take to become profitable? What parts of my business aren’t working? What do I need to prepare for in e-commerce's next phase?

When a business starts to succeed and scale, things get more complex.

Advice from the founder of Y Combinator is this: launch a product quickly and let the customer lead the way. Customers want the solution to their problem, not your perfect solution to what you think their problem is.

Those customers you build an early relationship with will be the best advocates for your brand.

This article looks at examples from Blume, Spotify and more for sound advice on how to scale.

What makes your brand unique? We’re all looking for new ways to connect to our customers and build better relationships online. It’s easier said than done, which is why this week we’re digging into an often-overlooked introduction to your brand: your About Us page.

For many businesses, an About Us…

In 2018, Americans watched the collapse of retail giants and established chains closed locations in an attempt to cull expenses.

However, online shopping accounted for less than 10% of retail purchases in 2018. The physical storefront still holds a valuable place in shoppers’ hearts and pocketbooks.

For many businesses, the…


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