Crafting an About Us Page that Goes Beyond the Boilerplate

7 min readJul 10, 2019

What makes your brand unique? We’re all looking for new ways to connect to our customers and build better relationships online. It’s easier said than done, which is why this week we’re digging into an often-overlooked introduction to your brand: your About Us page.

For many businesses, an About Us page is just boilerplate- but it doesn’t have to be. Chances are, your online store already has an About Us page, but it’s probably not operating at full capacity. That’s a shame, because these pages can be a fantastic tool for establishing trust, building your social presence, and increasing conversions.

It might not seem intuitive, but it’s true. Let’s talk about some ways to turn your About page into a valuable tool for growing your business.

What’s the Goal of an About Us Page?

Consumers shopping online have an unprecedented range of options. They can turn to big marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. They can shop with industry leaders like Best Buy and Ikea, and any one of a huge number of independent online stores.

Your About page is there to explain why they should specifically buy from you.

There are a ton of different ways to make that argument. You can explore your mission, and connect customers to the vision that inspires your business. You can tell your story, explaining why and how your business chose to do things differently. You can introduce your team, or showcase the process you use to create your products.

Regardless of your industry, you can use your About Us page to humanize your business. In a web dominated by massive corporations, it’s a chance to showcase your personal “main street” approach.

Honing in on Your About Us Page Content

So what do you want to say?

Before you get too deep into (re)writing your About page, it’s important to spend some time figuring out your unique value proposition.

Remember: these pages generally operate best on an emotional level. Brainstorm about the parts of your business and your story that your audience will find relatable or inspirational.


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